PTO generators

Emergency power concept at the farm Longer power outages can become a problem for you and your animals along with the farm. House and farm Find a dealer Power outage: When suddenly nothing works on the farm anymore Longer power outages can become a problem for you and your animals including the farm. Whether ventilation […]

Bison DS

Bison DS New technology for our grassland Grassland The “BISON DS” reseeding and seeding system is an absolute innovation in the field of reseeding and new seeding in grassland. Find a dealer Optimal for all agricultural crops, field feeding and intercropping In dry periods, optimal seed placement is the key to success. Individually hitched and […]

Direct sowing unit

Direct sowing unit Can be combined with Reblaus/Rebmini Winegrowing Special crops Find a dealer The Hardox special coulter undercuts the existing vegetation, whereas the cutting discs open the soil. This creates a microclimate in the furrow and the seed has support to grow up. In dry periods, the vegetation can be undercut with our special […]

Heavy cultivator field

Heavy cultivator field Can be combined with Reblaus/Rebmini Winegrowing Special crops Find a dealer The heavy cultivator field is suitable for complete overthrowing of the vegetation. Due to the spring-loaded heavy cultivator tines, it has a stone protection at the same time. Working widths heavy cultivator field 130 cm – 200 cm Technical data heavy […]

Leaf cutter

Preview images_leaf cutter_CFS Cross Farm Solution overline

Leaf cutter Ready for every task Winegrowing Special crops Our leaf cutter can be equipped and adjusted in many ways and scores with quality and precision. Find a dealer Thanks to variability, equipped for every application The leaf cutter from CFS can be adjusted multiply and performed with a variety of equipment options. Of course, […]

Grape cut vine mulcher

Preview images_Grape Cut vine mulcher_CFS Cross Farm Solution

Grape cut vine mulcher Hoeing technology for wine and fruit growing Winegrowing Special crops Careful shredding in vineyards and fruit plantations with the grape cut vine mulcher Find a dealer Optimal hoeing in fruit and winegrowing The grape cut vine mulcher is specially designed for vines and fruit plantations. With its additional pick-up rotor, it […]

Reblaus and Rebmini

Preview images_Reblaus_CFS Cross Farm Solution winegrowing processing direct sowing unit

Reblaus and Rebmini A new dimension in winegrowing Winegrowing Special crops Sowing, cultivating, loosening with our innovative cultivation system Reblaus and Rebmini Find a dealer Quick change from one working field to the next Reblaus and Rebmini are an innovative modular system for winegrowing. It combines machines such as direct sowing systems, reseeding harrow, light […]

Grassland tine weeder GTW

CFS Cross Farm Solution_grassland tine weeder GTW weeder

Grassland tine weeder GTW Impact makes the difference Grassland Special crops The grassland tine weeder GTW from CFS offers many adjustment possibilities, combined with high impact power and has the right size for every farm. Alternatively, a grassland weeder is often also called a meadow weeder. Find a dealer High impact for effective grassland management […]

Finger picks

CFS finger pick fruit growing

Finger pick Little helpers – big effect Agriculture Winegrowing Special crops With the finger picks you can avoid manual work, because they hoe inside the rows of plants. Find a dealer Why do I need finger picks? Finger picks from Kress are the little hard-working helpers in crop care. Whether row crops or special crops […]

Stock cleaner Bioclean

Preview images_stock cleaner Bioclean

Stock cleaner Bioclean It couldn’t be simpler Winegrowing Special crops Removing sprouts and mowing the vegetation in the understock area with the stock cleaner Bioclean Find a dealer Effective stock cleaning with the Bioclean system The stock cleaner Bioclean is the optimal alternative to manual or chemical removal of sprouts in the understock area. Mowing […]