Preview images_defoliator_CFS Cross Farm Solution

Defoliator/Defoliator ECO Creates space in the grape section Winegrowing Special crops Careful removal of the leaf mass by the defoliator or the defoliator ECO for optimum grape quality Find a dealer Perfect grapes due to careful leaf mass removal The defoliator and the defoliator ECO carefully remove the leaf mass and cause only the smallest […]

Rotary mowers

Preview images_rotary mower_CFS Cross Farm Solution

Rotary mower The shave for culture Winegrowing Special crops With the CFS rotary mowers you are optimally prepared for every demand Find a dealer The perfect cut with CFS rotary mowers With our rotary mowers, you can master any challenge. These machines are available both as a fixed version and in the variable version. You […]

Grassland reseeding system Bison

Preview images_grassland reseeding system_Bison

Grassland reseeding system Bison We make it green again Grassland New and reseeding of grasses and legumes in grassland with the grassland reseeding system Bison Find a dealer Optimal new seeding and reseeding with grassland reseeding system Bison Our reseeding system Bison can be excellently used for new and reseeding of grasses and legumes in […]


Preview images_pre-cutter_CFS Cross Farm Solution

Pre-cutter A class of its own Winegrowing Special crops The CFS pre-cutter comes with stainless steel cutting discs, an oversized hydraulic line and flexibility Find a dealer Wide range of customization options with the CFS pre-cutter Our pre-cutter has a lot to offer and comes with stainless steel cutting discs, as well as a generously […]

Roller systems Wisent

Roller systems Wisent Reconsolidation for professionals Agriculture Winegrowing Grassland Special crops The reconsolidation rollers of the Wisent series are suitable for a wide range of demands and offer optimum power transmission thanks to special attachment points Find a dealer Reconsolidation with perfect power transmission Our heavy reconsolidation rollers of the Wisent series offer optimum power […]

Modular system Vinox

Modular system Vinox One for all Winegrowing Special crops No matter if one or two-sided working, the modular system Vinox supports where others can do no longer. Find a dealer Many understock care works with only one main frame The modular system Vinox from CFS also supports you where others can do no longer. The […]

Power harrow systems Keiler

Preview images_power harrow Keiler winegrowing_CFS Cross Farm Solution

Power harrow systems Keiler Perfection to the depth Winegrowing Special crops Loosening, leveling and reconsolidating with the power harrow systems Keiler from CFS Find a dealer Many possibilities with only one device The power harrow systems Keiler from CFS are characterized by their particular durability. They are equipped with special tine rotors and can be […]

Changeable operating heads

Changeable operating heads Due to the change in the fast lane Winegrowing Special crops With our changeable operating heads you can save time and costs Find a dealer Cost and time savings thanks to quick change system The changeable operating heads make your everyday work easier. With these, the tower can be used in a […]

Vinox feeler head

Vinox feeler head Efficiency and speed decide Winegrowing Special crops Simplified control, possibility of combination with other tools and easy attachment to CFS universal frames and other carrier systems with the Vinox feeler head Find a dealer Our feeler head combines efficiency and speed Our Vinox feeler head now offers even more efficiency and speed. […]

Lifting masts and Three-point-forks

Lifting masts / Three-point forks Rising high with CFS Winegrowing Special crops The CFS lifting systems carry you up reliably and according to your wishes Find a dealer Reliably high up CFS lifting systems will get you to the height you want with incomparable robustness and reliability. To provide the right solution for each of […]