Power harrow Samurai

Preview images_power harrow_Samurai_CFS Cross Farm Solution

Power harrow Samurai Cutting knives make the difference Grassland The vertical cutting knives and strong rotors of the power harrow Samurai create 4 additional working horizons Find a dealer Better cultivation with vertical cutting knives The power harrow Samurai is equipped with vertical cutting knives and powerful rotors that create 4 additional working horizons. This […]

Pneumatic sowing system

Product image_sowing system_pneumatic_CFS Cross Farm Solution

Pneumatic sowing system Flexible solutions for your demands Agriculture Winegrowing Grassland Special crops The pneumatic sowing systems from CFS are flexible to mount and use. A precise dosage and the special container shape against segregation make our sowing systems additionally perfect companions for almost all types of applications. Find a dealer A wide range of […]

Pile driver

Pile driver Easily into the deep Winegrowing Special crops The pile driver from CFS is the ideal partner to get into the deep Find a dealer Easily reach the deep The pile driver from CFS is characterized by its robust design and easy mounting. It can be mounted front, rear as well as between axles […]

Knife roller Bioroll

Knife roller Bioroll Results through movement Winegrowing Special crops Effortless folding and shredding with the knife roller Bioroll from CFS Find a dealer High area performance and low costs With the knife roller Bioroll from CFS, you get a cost-effective solution for effectively folding over and shredding greenery. It scores with low costs and a […]

Ground milling machine CFS

Preview_ground milling machine_CFS

Ground milling machine CFS Perfection in the top soil layer Grassland The ground milling machine from CFS is the right machine to cut the soil and vegetation continuously at a working depth of 3 – 5 cm Find a dealer Continuous cutting of the top soil layer The ground milling machine from CFS cuts the […]

Ground Cutter CFS

Preview_Ground Cutter

Ground Cutter from CFS Undercutting without mixing Agriculture Special crops Soil cultivation and weed control without mixing or turning the soil Find a dealer Weed control and minimum soil cultivation without mixing The Ground Cutter from CFS is the new development for weed control and minimum soil cultivation. The working depth is only 10 cm, […]

Rotary hoes

Rotary hoes Efficiency through rotation Winegrowing Special crops The rotary hoes combine weed control and breaking up of the understock area with piling up of the row and clearing away from the row in only one step Find a dealer Caring for the understock area with the rotary hoes from CFS Rotary hoes from CFS […]

Understock milling machine from CFS

Preview images_understock milling machine_CFS Cross Farm Solution

Understock milling machine The solution for every vegetation height Winegrowing Special crops The understock milling machine from CFS develops its full potential in fruit and special crops and ensures perfect mixing of the residues with the topsoil Find a dealer The ideal companion for larger planting distances The CFS understock milling machine can work efficiently […]

Exact light cultivator field

Exact light cultivator field Can be combined with Reblaus/Rebmini Winegrowing Special crops Find a dealer The exact light cultivator field is used to undercut the vegetation at a shallow depth. This also mixes the subsoil at the same time. Our light cultivator field is also perfect for seedbed preparation. Working widths exact light cultivator field […]

Mulch soil loosening field

Mulch soil loosening field Can be combined with Reblaus/Rebmini Winegrowing Special crops Find a dealer With the help of the mulch soil loosening field, the soil can be loosened and aerated in the deep. This improves water absorption, breaks soil compression and optimally deposits fertilizers and micronutrients. Working widths mulch soil loosening field 130 cm […]