Bison DS

New technology for our grassland

The “BISON DS” reseeding and seeding system is an absolute innovation in the field of reseeding and new seeding in grassland.

Optimal for all agricultural crops, field feeding and intercropping

In dry periods, optimal seed placement is the key to success. Individually hitched and spring-loaded sowing units, designed for a coulter pressure of max. 200 kg, create the best possible conditions for optimal seed emergence. A heavy Cambridge or toothed roller provides the necessary reconsolidation.

Working widths Bison DS

Working widths_Icon_CFS

150 cm – 300 cm


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With the possible harrow unit after the roller, matted areas and unwanted grasses are effectively harrowed out. These remain free and loose, thus drying quickly and giving the new seeding positive shade for growth.

The “BISON DS” is a modular system with a wide range of options. Whether direct seeding unit, heavy harrow or other ground cultivation equipment, each unit can be combined with a heavy roller and a suitable seeding device. The modular system can also be used without a roller and the roller can be used independently.

Equipment options Bison DS

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