Bison DS

Bison DS New technology for our grassland Grassland The “BISON DS” reseeding and seeding system is an absolute innovation in the field of reseeding and new seeding in grassland. Find a dealer Optimal for all agricultural crops, field feeding and intercropping In dry periods, optimal seed placement is the key to success. Individually hitched and […]

Grassland tine weeder GTW

CFS Cross Farm Solution_grassland tine weeder GTW weeder

Grassland tine weeder GTW Impact makes the difference Grassland Special crops The grassland tine weeder GTW from CFS offers many adjustment possibilities, combined with high impact power and has the right size for every farm. Alternatively, a grassland weeder is often also called a meadow weeder. Find a dealer High impact for effective grassland management […]

Grassland reseeding system Bison

Preview images_grassland reseeding system_Bison

Grassland reseeding system Bison We make it green again Grassland New and reseeding of grasses and legumes in grassland with the grassland reseeding system Bison Find a dealer Optimal new seeding and reseeding with grassland reseeding system Bison Our reseeding system Bison can be excellently used for new and reseeding of grasses and legumes in […]

Roller systems Wisent

Roller systems Wisent Reconsolidation for professionals Agriculture Winegrowing Grassland Special crops The reconsolidation rollers of the Wisent series are suitable for a wide range of demands and offer optimum power transmission thanks to special attachment points Find a dealer Reconsolidation with perfect power transmission Our heavy reconsolidation rollers of the Wisent series offer optimum power […]

Power harrow Samurai

Preview images_power harrow_Samurai_CFS Cross Farm Solution

Power harrow Samurai Cutting knives make the difference Grassland The vertical cutting knives and strong rotors of the power harrow Samurai create 4 additional working horizons Find a dealer Better cultivation with vertical cutting knives The power harrow Samurai is equipped with vertical cutting knives and powerful rotors that create 4 additional working horizons. This […]

Ground milling machine CFS

Preview_ground milling machine_CFS

Ground milling machine CFS Perfection in the top soil layer Grassland The ground milling machine from CFS is the right machine to cut the soil and vegetation continuously at a working depth of 3 – 5 cm Find a dealer Continuous cutting of the top soil layer The ground milling machine from CFS cuts the […]