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Grassland reseeding system Bison

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New and reseeding of grasses and legumes in grassland with the grassland reseeding system Bison

Optimal new seeding and reseeding with grassland reseeding system Bison

Our reseeding system Bison can be excellently used for new and reseeding of grasses and legumes in grassland. For perfect adaptation to the respective conditions, the 13.5 mm tines can be arranged on 2 or 3 bars. In addition, the Bison system offers central tine adjustment, a heavy spring-mounted levelling plate and the possibility of combination with different rollers. Of course, both harrow and roller can be used alone without any problems. You can additionally choose between front and rear combination to achieve optimal working conditions.

Working widths Bison

Working widths_Icon_CFS

2,0 m – 3,0 m

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Standard equipment grassland reseeding system Bison


Equipment options grassland reseeding system Bison

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