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Reseeding harrow

Can be combined with Reblaus/Rebmini

The reseeding harrow is ideally suitable for greening in vineyards, fruit plantations and special crops. The straight strong harrow tines enable optimum sowing and reseeding on any subsoil. The spring-loaded strong harrow tines loosen the topsoil and incorporate the seed into the fine soil before reconsolidation with the roller.

Working widths reseeding harrow

Working widths_Icon_CFS

130 cm – 200 cm

Technical data reseeding harrow

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Can be combined with Reblaus and Rebmini

Reblaus and Rebmini are an innovative modular system for winegrowing. It combines machines such as direct sowing units, reseeding harrow, light cultivator, heavy cultivator, deep loosener and rotary harrow in just one system. Thanks to the specially developed quick-change system, you can easily and quickly switch between the individual working fields. The main frame with heavy following roller and the pneumatic sowing system remain attached.

Models reseeding harrow