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Our agricultural machinery

Our products particularly stand out due to new construction methods, a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to customer requirements, the processing of high-quality and maintenance-free components and state-of-the-art processing and coating.

CFS Cross Farm Solution the company
CFS Cross Farm Solution agricultural machinery from another sight

Agricultural technology - seeing what others do not see.

We love to look at challenges in agricultural technology from other angles – we don’t have to orient ourselves to old systems, structures and machine components – and can thus realize the latest technology and production possibilities.

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The founders of CFS Cross Farm Solution

Andreas Egelwolf

We have known each other since our childhood, from kindergarten to elementary school, secondary school, HTL mechanical engineering in Hollabrunn to the service as “one-year volunteers” in the Austrian Armed Forces.

After a short interruption due to different fields of study, Leopold as a graduate engineer (FH) in “Mechanical Engineering Mechatronics” and Andreas as a Master of Science in “International Industrial Engineering”, the ways united again together at APV in Dallein.

We have been constructing equipment for our farms together since we were children – this inventive spirit and drive has remained with us until now.

Leopold Rupp

Our careers have been parallel almost from the beginning. In meetings we often already know what each other thinks and where we want to go, together! In our full-time jobs, we have always worked more than 40 hours, and at the same time we have also completed our agricultural and viticultural apprenticeships together.

The reason was simple. For us, the information from home “Because we have always done so!” was no longer enough for our adopted businesses! Because we wanted to know why exactly what is so. Understanding the system!

This is also our technical driver. Why does a machine look like this and what is the optimal mode of operation and what benefit can we extract for us farmers to achieve an ideal result.


Do you have a question about our products that could interest several people? Would you like to see one of our machines in operation? Do you want to see detailed pictures of our products? Then send us your question by mail or social media and we will create photos, videos or whatever you need and put them online. 

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