Grape cut vine mulcher

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Grape cut vine mulcher Hoeing technology for wine and fruit growing Winegrowing Special crops Careful shredding in vineyards and fruit plantations with the grape cut vine mulcher Find a dealer Optimal hoeing in fruit and winegrowing The grape cut vine mulcher is specially designed for vines and fruit plantations. With its additional pick-up rotor, it […]

Rotary mowers

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Rotary mower The shave for culture Winegrowing Special crops With the CFS rotary mowers you are optimally prepared for every demand Find a dealer The perfect cut with CFS rotary mowers With our rotary mowers, you can master any challenge. These machines are available both as a fixed version and in the variable version. You […]

Lifting masts and Three-point-forks

Lifting masts / Three-point forks Rising high with CFS Winegrowing Special crops The CFS lifting systems carry you up reliably and according to your wishes Find a dealer Reliably high up CFS lifting systems will get you to the height you want with incomparable robustness and reliability. To provide the right solution for each of […]

Pile driver

Pile driver Easily into the deep Winegrowing Special crops The pile driver from CFS is the ideal partner to get into the deep Find a dealer Easily reach the deep The pile driver from CFS is characterized by its robust design and easy mounting. It can be mounted front, rear as well as between axles […]