Emergency power concept at the farm

Longer power outages can become a problem for you and your animals along with the farm.

Power outage: When suddenly nothing works on the farm anymore

Longer power outages can become a problem for you and your animals including the farm. Whether ventilation in the barn, the automated feeding, the automated milking stand or the watering in vegetables/special crops – for all these processes a permanent power supply is essential and only secured against failures with a suitable emergency power supply.

With an emergency power unit from CFS Cross Farm Solution GmbH, you can keep your farm running even during longer power outages.

Emergency power concept - Simply generate your own electricity.

The PTO generator is attached to the tractor in just a few steps and can be used immediately and flexibly. Compared to diesel and gasoline generators, PTO generators offer advantages in terms of purchase and maintenance, operational safety is ensured, and maintenance requirements are low. Demand-oriented equipment variants offer solutions for power supply in the house as well as in the field. When investing in a PTO generator, it is important to ensure that the tractor intended for operation has the required engine power. Which generator will cover your power consumption and what tractor power is necessary for this, is calculated as follows:

Which generator power do I need?

All relevant consumers (in kW) are added together and increased by a quarter for safety. The determined active power is divided by the value 0.8 to obtain the power of the PTO generator in kVA.

Which tractor power do I need?

The required tractor power in hp is obtained by multiplying the determined generator power by the factor 2.5.

Technical data:

Possible accessories

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